A kid’s author with a passion for changing lives.

Jen is a storyteller and a dreamer and quite unintentionally began sharing life lessons through fun metaphoric characters when speaking publicly. This is how Goldie the Unchicken came about.

Goldie the Unchicken

Goldie the Unchicken is a unique spin on a classic folktale of a bird who felt quite out of place on the farm but as she discovered her unique qualities and overcame her fears she was able to go to places she had only ever dreamed of.

The hand painted watercolours showcase the journey of Goldie who found out she had a lot more gold inside her than she ever thought possible. There is gold inside you too!

Jen has created a book that is more than a story. It will inspire those who read it and increase their confidence levels! It’s something special and we look forward to seeing it on the shelves of many.

Brian & Moira Andrew

Best selling Authors of “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden”, “I Grow in Grandma’s Garden” and many more.

I really enjoyed Jen Swenson’s new book ‘Goldie the UnChicken’. With so much bullying of kids today and the fact that so many don’t know WHO they are, such a story can have a wonderful impact on their self image.

Col Stringer

Pastor & Author

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